Get into the Christmas spirit at The Rudy Theatre with Christmas classics you love! 

Christmas Music, Comedy and a good time for the entire family. 

2023 Season Package

2023 Season Package

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LIVE@THE RUDY is the number one live variety show in North Carolina and we have been WOWing audiences for over 24 years. We feature four unique shows that are family friendly for children, parents and grandparents.

Our number one show is Christmas Jubilee LIVE@THE RUDY followed by Easter Jubilee LIVE@THE RUDY, Throwback sounds of Summer LIVE@THE RUDY, Classic Country Jubilee LIVE@THE RUDY. Each show is fast paced, features good clean comedy, Broadway quality singers and musicians. We perform a wide variety of music for all generations. People come to LIVE@THE RUDY react with amazement as the shows unfold.